Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mid-September Update

I decided to post a mid-September update because of a few reasons.
  • The blog needs more posts
  • The Uncyclopedia article is awesome
  • CIMD site is doing amazingly well
  • Even Google thinks that CIMD is a big issue
First off, this blog needs way more posts, and I will definitely try and keep this updated, maybe even every 2 weeks. So definitely keep coming back here and be looking for updates, and tell all your friends about the blog and the site, so they can learn more about CIMD and can raise awareness about it in your local communities.

Thanks to a great friend for updating the Uncyclopedia article and making the page look as official as possible. I'm thinking about also making an Urban Dictionary entry, and possibly copypasta the Uncyclopedia article into Encyclopedia Dramatica so there is equal exposure across the internet. I'd like feed back about these ideas, so if you think it's a bad idea for some reason, tell me so I don't give CIMD a bad image. Also, if you'd like to edit the Uncyclopedia page, go for it, because that page is currently the only page on the internet with information about the disease.

The site is doing wonderfully this month, we're just past halfway through the month and there have been more unique visitors and page views than 4 out of the 6 previous months, which is quite a feat. I'm glad we're getting some exposure here. We're also getting more users from more places, which means that word is spreading around the internet.

Google seriously does think that CIMD is an important issue, just try out a few google searches. Most of the time the homepage is listed on the first page, but if it's not, it's within the first 5 pages and I can only expect the website to get higher and higher in the list everyday.

As always, I'm taking suggestions for the site, this blog, and all other CIMD related issues. You can post a comment in this blog, or email me directly at [frogon @ cockinmouthdisease . com].

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