Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Review of September

After a great month of August, I had really high hopes for the website, but the statistics recorded for the month of September really blew my mind. Racking in 856 unique visitors, 1088 visits and 6161 pages, September beat every month in every category. This wonderful exposure to the site was mainly brought in from StumbleUpon, and the new domain (

Stumble alone accounted for nearly 1,000 views, taking second place for the most links from was google, with 65, an then yahoo with 45. The CIM Disease Uncyclopedia page is worth mentioning, because it brought 30 people to the CIM Disease homepage. This blog redirected 16 people to learn more about CIM Disease, and that's not too bad.

Some interesting news is that a Sony Ericsson viewed the CIM Disease page, along with 64 views from 'unknown' which is most likely a Blackberry or other mobile browser. The most favored browser is still Firefox, with 80% of the viewers, leaving 15% with Internet Explorer.

As for updates for the site, I was wondering if anyone would prefer having an informational link on the homepage, maybe something below the pictures that you can click on that will display something along the lines of what is on the Uncyclopedia page. This might help the new viewers understand the site better, or it might just fail, I want some feedback on that. Also, additional images are always welcome, if you come across someone famous pointing in a ridiculous way, definitely send it over and we'll probably set it up to be in the picture bank.

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Phil said...

I saw Hillary Clinton and realized you needed to spice it up for the elections. I found two good pointing pictures of Obama, and one of McCain, even though it's going up. When I search Joe Biden I found some other guy that's legit, and when I search Sarah Palin the only thing I could find was a picture of the devil pointing.